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Health Recovery Programme

Where I am right now

What should you do if you are sick and you think food might be both the problem and the answer? The ®U-Turn Health Recovery Programme is an integrated learning and support programme specially designed to walk you through the transition from sick to healthy! 

You can take the programme at three different levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. The basic level will give you a good overview of the issues and will provide you with some initial support and practical advice to get you started. The intermediate level goes into more detail and focuses on maintaining the diet in the longer term. The advanced (certificate) level is primarily for health and food retail professionals and focuses on moving to a place of being able to support others, often in a work capacity. 


The programme is divided into 4 modules (see below), each containing three sections to be completed in your own time and at your own pace. Don't panic... each section contains some fun and practical activities as well as a bit of serious study! In addition, with each module you will have one coaching session with me or (if available) another ®U-Turn Health coach, during which time we will focus on exploring either your personal or your professional goals.


1. How is U-Turn different?

2. Hamsters and staircases

3. Wheels and spokes

The diet

1. Why low fat?

2. Why high raw?

3. Why plant-based?

the diseases

1. The common ones

2. The scary ones

3. Mental health

The Future

1. Being a pioneer

2. Being a supporter

3. Becoming a leader


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