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Umbrella Project

(ADHD/autism awareness)

®U-Turn Health offers two advanced modules that allow you to certify as either a health or a food provider well versed in and sympathetic to the ®U-Turn Health approach to low fat, high raw, plant-based nutrition and health recovery. Certification allows you to display the UK trademarked ®U-Turn Health logo on your website and promotional materials or on menus and in your retail outlet. To be eligible for these modules you need to have completed the previous modules in the ®U-Turn Health Recovery Programme which cover more general and practical aspects of the diet and the kinds of diseases it can help to prevent or treat. The advanced certification modules cover issues more relevant to you as a professional wishing to provide services to others in relation to the low fat, high raw, plant-based diet.

Health Provider Certification

The Health Provider Certification module is for you if you wish to use what you have learnt on the Health Recovery course to help others with their health problems, either on a fee-paying or voluntary basis. You may already be a health professional by trade, or you may simply be someone that wants to think more deeply about how you can support the people around you with their diet and health. Either way, this course is for you! 


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You do not need any specific qualifications in order to take the Health Provider Certification module, and it is not a substitute for formal training in your particular discipline (for example, if you want to become a health coach then you should consider a coaching qualification). However, having this qualification will certainly add to your repertoire of achievements and enhance your credibility and attractiveness to clients wishing to pursue this particular dietary avenue.

By the time you start this module you will already have a clear understanding of what the low fat, high raw, plant-based diet is and why it is a good thing for health. You should already be able to speak confidently about its benefits to clients and support them with meal planning and preparation. During this part of the course we will consider the particular challenges and controversies that you might encounter as a health professional wishing to promote this dietary style and consider some creative ways of overcoming them. We will discuss ways to mitigate against any potential risks to yourself, your clients and your business such as the use of consent forms, limits to confidentiality statements and legal disclaimers.

You will also learn about some specific physical issues that you may encounter with individuals with particular health conditions. One example is high blood pressure, where switching to this diet can cause blood pressure to drop rapidly leading to a risk of falls if medication is not reduced accordingly. In this situation you would need to refer them back to their prescribing doctor for blood pressure monitoring and 'deprescribing'.

Finally, we will spend some time considering how you might manage the emotional component of this kind of work, both for yourself as a professional and for your clients. You may or may not have experience of therapeutic work, and it is important to understand and recognise your limits. Teaching people how to use a spiraliser is a fun thing but major dietary change can be the hardest thing a person ever does and you may find yourself working with people who have very serious health conditions or challenging emotional relationships with food. For example if someone has been using food as a form of comfort, once this is removed it can reveal past histories of trauma and abuse. As a professional you need to know how to create a safe space for your clients, maintain professional boundaries and manage your own emotional responses, and refer on appropriately if a situation arises that is beyond your capacity to deal with.

Once you have completed the certification module, if you have your own business your details will be published on the ®U-Turn Health website (with your permission), and customers will be invited to leave reviews. 


You will then have the option of paying a small annual fee for corporate ®U-Turn Health membership and access to ongoing advice and support. 

N.B. because this is a new endeavour and the content is still under development, at present the Health Recovery and advanced health professional certification modules are not CPD accredited, but I will be seeking this once the content is finalised and if you have participated at an earlier stage you will be retrospectively recognised. 

Food Provider Certification

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Completion of the Food Provider Certification module allows you to display the ®U-Turn Health certification symbol in your retail outlet and on menus and promotional materials, indicating that you understand and provide for the needs of customers who are employing the low fat, high raw, plant-based diet as a path to health, but who would also like to be able to go out and eat good food in good company.


To certify you will need to complete one online learning module and to have one face-to-face session to discuss your business and your ideas for how you are going to cater for your low fat, high raw, plant-based customers. You will also need to provide an ingredients list and macronutrient breakdown for any ®U-Turn Health certifiable dishes or food products you plan to sell.


Don't panic... we will cover all this in the module and you will have plenty of time to think about the kinds of dishes or products you might like to offer. We will also discuss some of the potential barriers to offering this kind of food product, consider some creative ways of overcoming them, and highlight some of the the potential benefits both to your business and your customers. 


Once you have satisfactorily completed these steps you will be issued with a certificate to download and print and the ®U-Turn Health certification symbol file for inclusion in your menu and/or promotional materials. 


Please also let your customers know what this symbol means so that those wishing to choose genuinely healthy options are aware of what you have on offer and why. 


Your business details will then be published on the ®U-Turn Health website, and customers will be invited to leave reviews. 


Your business may be subject to occasional friendly visits from us to check that you are continuing to offer compatible dishes and to sample them (of course!). 

You will then have the option of paying a small annual fee for corporate ®U-Turn Health membership and access to ongoing advice and support. 


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