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Coaching and Wellness


Sunshine Soup

If you are an individual looking for support to implement the low fat, high raw, plant-based diet in your own life, and to achieve your best health, I recommend that you check out the 'Learn' page and sign up for the ®U-Turn Health Recovery Programme, since this is being developed especially with you in mind!


However, if you feel that this is not for you or if you are a group of people (such as a family, a group of work colleagues or a group of students) wanting to make changes together, ®U-Turn Health also offers a range of bespoke coaching and corporate/schools wellness packages (see below). We will use elements from the Health Recovery Programme, but these will be tailored to your specific context and they may be delivered online or in-person. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Finally, because I don't want anyone to be left out, if you feel that you can't afford or aren't ready for formal coaching or the ®U-Turn Health Recovery Programme, please still consider becoming a member and signing up to the peer support network (see below)... 

Bespoke Coaching

If you are considering either individual bespoke or group/family coaching, please book a one-hour initial session in the first instance. During this session I will find out a bit about you, why you are considering coaching and what you hope to achieve, and you will find out a bit about how I work, what coaching is and what you can expect moving forwards. If you decide to proceed we will agree on the right approach for your needs and budget. 

Peer Support

Can't afford the time or money necessary for formal coaching, but in need of someone to chat to who can offer friendly advice and guidance? Then why not sign up for the ®U-Turn Health peer support programme? As this is a new initiative I am waiving the joining fee for the first 10 supportees and I will keep your details securely on file and match you to an appropriate peer supporter as soon as one becomes available. To access this service you will need to be a ®U-Turn Health member and to complete a basic information form and a consent form. You are free to withdraw at any time.

Please note that peer supporters are untrained volunteers who are also free to withdraw their support at any time. They are not obliged to provide you with a service: they offer their time because they want to share the benefits they themselves have experienced (for example, they may be people who have completed the Health Recovery Programme). Please keep this in mind, try to give something back in return, and do not make unreasonable demands on their goodwill. Then one day you might be able to support someone yourself...


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