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®U-Turn Health is a solutions-focused, plant-based, health education, coaching and consultancy company founded on the basic principle that the more we all eat a diet that is low in fat and high in raw fruits and vegetables, the better our health will be. 


I believe passionately in the importance of understanding that the optimal diet for human beings is the one our species originally evolved to eat. This is the diet that best suits our anatomy and physiology and therefore promotes best health.


Despite its benefits, eating this way is not easy in our society and there are many barriers. By founding ®U-Turn Health I am committing to identifying and challenging those barriers and to finding innovative and creative ways to overcome the problems they present.

Thank you for your interest in ®U-Turn Health and congratulations on taking this first step towards your optimal health and wellbeing! Please scroll down to see details of our services and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or you would like to make a booking or offer your support.

Dr Ellen Storm, May 2023

Lanzarote Sunset



Health Recovery Programme

This is a combined modular programme of learning and support designed to help you to implement the low fat, high raw, plant-based diet in your own life and to overcome any diet-related health challenges you may be facing. 


Health Provider Certification

This is an additional module for health professionals who want to incorporate the ®U-Turn Health approach into their own practice. You must have completed the Health Recovery Programme first to be eligible.


Food Provider


This is an additional module for food retailers who would like to offer low fat, high raw, plant-based options to their clients. At least one staff member must have completed the Health Recovery Programme first to be eligible. 


Bespoke options

®U-Turn Health offers bespoke corporate and schools wellness options and family coaching. These incorporate elements from the Health Recovery and Certification programmes but are designed for groups. 



®U-Turn Health membership offers the opportunity to become part of the ®U-Turn Health community and gives you access to the members section of this site and to any promotional offers and discounts.



The ®U-Turn Health shop is under development and will be selling a range of merchandise and information products to help you on your low fat, high raw, plant-based journey.


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