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Mission and Values



The mission of U-Turn Health® is to eradicate diet-related chronic disease from the face of the planet. That might seem  somewhat grandiose and unrealistic, but it is deliberately so. Our mission is our driving force, so to speak: the underlying motivation that informs the practical actions we choose to take. So we state our mission and then we take a single step forwards towards it. We can only eradicate diet-related chronic disease one human being at a time. There is only one way to completely eradicate our risk of diet-related chronic disease, almost by definition, and that is to eat the diet we originally evolved to eat: the one which our basic primate body plan is designed for.  If we do that, and we get sick, it won't be with a diet-related chronic disease: it will be with something else, although even those diseases not commonly thought of as diet-related, such as infectious diseases, are less likely to hurt us if we are healthy with a strong immune system because of the food that we are eating. In our world, there is only one way to eradicate diet-related chronic disease, and that is to start telling and teaching the truth about food, and to start the slow, laborious process of relearning all that we know (or think we know) about diet and health.


U-Turn Health® has four brand values and four food values.

Brand Values

U-Turn Health® seeks to be:

  1. Professional

  2. Ethical

  3. Inclusive

  4. Mainstream

Food Values

U-Turn Health® promotes a diet that is:

  1. Calorically adequate

  2. Appropriately supplemented

  3. Culturally sensitive

  4. Sustainable



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