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Festive Yule log decorating competition (and High Raw Veganuary)

The festive Yule log decorating competition has become a much looked-forward-to event in my family’s programme of midwinter activities. This year however, all the other grown-ups absented themselves, leaving me (team of one) pitted against four medium-sized children. Judging involved all participants being given three tokens from the Cat Bingo box to distribute in secret between two clean hummus pots. Ho hum… well… here are the results…

I think this photo rather brilliantly highlights what anyone wishing to promote a high raw diet is up against. Yes, the kids had great fun making fun of my log, and they even took great delight in helping me decorate it (the sprouts were bushes, the dried mango was fungus, the grated carrot was leaf litter, the dried mulberries were pine cones, the Brazil nuts were alternately slugs or stones, and the raisins were ants) but did any of them eat it? Absolutely not…

Oh well, if you, like me, have had a somewhat challenging festive season, now might be exactly the right time to take up the ‘U-Turn Health High Raw Veganuary Founder Member Offer’!?!? In honour of Veganuary you can become a founder member for just £4.99 per month for the life of the membership. That means you will be immune to any future price rises, but it does also mean that you will be the first - a proper pioneer - and that means risking becoming the person who (metaphorically speaking at least) offers up celery to the festive Yule log decorating competition 😂🤣

Am I giving you the hard sell here? No. Understand that high raw is hard, but unbelievably worth it, and that U-Turn Health is here to help you. That is all… 🎄💚

Anyway I finally did it! I sat around the festive family table and ate satsumas and rocket, AND felt fine. This is a BIG milestone for me… one that it’s only taken me ten years to get to. If you’re not ready for this yet (or think you will never be), don’t panic: it’s quite possible to eat high raw and still enjoy a more traditional festive feast. However, for me this felt important and it’s been the product of a long journey for both me and my family members. My brother is now my sister, Ellen doesn’t eat cooked food any more, and we are all learning to accept each other just as we are and to keep on loving each other no matter what happens or how we change. My mother gave my new sister two bottles of nail polish for Christmas and has learnt that she can show her love for me in different ways too. Changing what we eat can be perceived as rejection by those who love us and have traditionally shown that love by cooking us all the things we no longer want. Learning to use a spiraliser is a walk in the park compared to developing the communication skills necessary to be able to skilfully navigate this relational minefield. Wherever you are in your high raw health journey, I wish you wisdom, compassion, empathy, and a fabulous 2024!!

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