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Welcome to U-Turn Health®

Hello! My name is Dr Ellen Storm and I'm the founder of U-Turn Health®: a UK-based company offering low fat, high raw, plant-based health education, coaching and consultancy to help you and those you care about to successfully leverage the benefits of this way of eating for the prevention and treatment of a wide range of diet-related chronic health conditions. I am currently in the process of developing a flexible, modular, combined learning and support programme for individuals, with the option of additional certification for health professionals and food retailers. I also offer bespoke options for both individuals and groups including family coaching and corporate and schools wellness programmes.



To eradicate diet-related chronic disease from the face of the planet.

What is the low fat, high raw, plant-based diet?

As a guide (and it is only a guide) the low fat, high raw, plant-based diet is a diet that contains less than 10% of calories from total fat and more than 90% of calories from raw plant foods. It is not a 'diet' so much as a way of eating that closely approximates the diet human beings first evolved to eat. It is the diet our bodies are designed for, and therefore it is the diet least likely to make us sick.


Raw foods are defined as foods that have not been heated above body temperature: temperatures higher than body temperature result in changes to the structures of carbohydrate, fat and protein molecules, the destruction of important nutrients and the formation of new and harmful chemicals.


U-Turn Health® advocates a calorically adequate, appropriately supplemented, culturally sensitive and sustainable low fat, high raw, plant-based diet for the prevention and treatment of diet-related chronic disease across the lifespan. 

What are diet-related chronic health conditions?

By definition a ‘diet-related chronic health condition’ is a chronic health condition caused or made worse by things we eat.


Chronic health conditions are illnesses that are ongoing and frequently long-term, occurring over months or years rather than hours or days. It is the kind of sickness that you might visit your family doctor for.


This can be contrasted with acute illness, sickness or disease, which you might visit your local hospital’s Emergency Department for.


Although some chronic health conditions can result in acute episodes of illness, and general poor health can make us more susceptible to acute episodes of illness (including infectious diseases), U-Turn Health® is primarily concerned with preventing and treating chronic problems.

Please note that U-Turn Health® cannot provide advice or guidance in relation to acute physical or mental illness episodes. If you are acutely unwell now please visit your local medical healthcare provider.

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Disclaimer: Please note that ®U-Turn Health does not provide registered medical care and therefore cannot order investigations to diagnose specific diseases or prescribe drug or procedural treatments for you. ®U-Turn Health provides information and support in good faith but you remain fully responsible for your own decisions. It is never possible to guarantee any particular outcome and dietary decisions must always be taken after weighing up the potential risks and benefits. ®U-Turn Health takes no responsibility for any adverse health outcomes you may experience after engaging with our services.

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