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High Raw Nature Retreat 2025

Would you love to spend a week eating fabulous high raw plant-based food with other like-minded souls in the stunningly beautiful surroundings of North Wales? Think clean air, clean water, intuitive eating, natural movement (walking, climbing, wild swimming, improvisational dancing...), and deep, refreshing sleep. Think mountains, beaches, woodlands and lakes. Think eco-community, co-creation and spontaneous creativity. If any of this appeals, read on... 

Foxglove_ spotted on a beautiful walk out from Rhiwlas_around Moelyci.._


At the moment I'm hoping for Saturday 24th to Saturday 31st May 2025, because this is the Spring Bank Holiday weekend and mainly because it's my daughters' half term week (which means other families will be able to bring their children too). It is also one of the most beautiful times of year, when the notorious Welsh weather is at its best, the days are long, the sun often shines (though sunshine in Wales can never be guaranteed!!), and the summer solstice is just around the corner. I took this foxglove on 1st June 2024 on a beautiful walk out from Rhiwlas and around Moelyci, and it was on this walk that I made the decision to host this retreat at the same time next year. I have been eating high raw for just over ten years now, and living and working in North Wales for just over three. Both of these have been unexpected, fascinating and joyful journeys of discovery, and it will be my privilege and pleasure to bring these two passions together and to be able to share all I have learnt with you now. I very much look forward to meeting you :-)


Currently I have a shortlist of three possible venues. I have contacted each to arrange a visit. Each has different qualities. The first is CAE MABON, the second is TRIGONOS, and the third is LLANBERIS RETREATS. If you are reading this at this early stage then please do check out each option and let me know your thoughts and preferences. I am hoping for a group size of between 10 and 30 (all ages, genders, ethnicities, sexualities etc. welcome), which will be large enough to feel like a group but small enough to be able to accommodate individual needs and preferences. Because this is the first event of its kind, nothing is set in stone. We (the group) can make it what we want it to be. I have some ideas but I am also passionately committed to co-creation and the conscious creation of community. I have spent time in Buddhist community and also at the FINDHORN FOUNDATION in Scotland (studying Open Floor with Deborah Jay-Lewin from VITAL MOVES), and KALIKALOS HOLISTIC RETREAT CENTRE in Greece, so I hope to bring some of what I have learnt in these places with me here. Whatever we do, we will do together.


Here are two sheep-friends I made on my walk. Yes, there are a lot of sheep in Wales, but we will be loving them not eating them :-)



Here I would like to share with you what I hope this retreat will be, and a few of the ideas I have. There are also a few things it will not be, and a few things we will not be doing, that might be worth mentioning. The main purpose of the event, in my mind anyway (!!), is for everyone who attends to have better health at the end than they did at the beginning - better physical, mental and spiritual health - and to have had an experiential learning experience in relation to what that means. What does that mean?!? It means we will be living health, rather than learning about how to live health in talks or lectures. We will be experiencing with our bodies what true health looks and feels like: where and how we have to physically move and place our bodies in order to achieve it. We will learn how to prepare and eat truly healthful food, how to move in ways that work for our bodies, and how to allow ourselves to rest. We might go on one or two outings (come on... Yr Wyddfa/Snowdon might have to be done...), but for the most part I hope for a week without clocks or alarms, eating our natural human foods, listening to our own rhythms and the rhythms of nature, and meeting our own needs.

Carob Smoothie Bowl

Finally, the food...??

Okay, last-but-not-least, I'd better say something about the food! The food will be low fat (not no fat), high raw, plant-based, with a focus on intuitive eating. There will be as much locally sourced and organic produce as possible, with some imported/tropical fruit.​ There will be no set mealtimes. Food will be available throughout the day, with a main meal in the evening. Food will be predominantly fruit (low fat, high raw is a fruit-based diet... it can't be anything else) and salad. All food will be salt, oil and refined sugar (SOS) free. There will be no cooked meals, but there may be some low fat gluten-free cooked options (such as brown rice or baked sweet potatoes) to be eaten with salads for those that want them.  Smoothies, smoothie-bowls, fresh juices and nice-cream will be available sometimes. Fermented foods and sprouted seeds, grains and legumes will be available for those that want them, but will be kept separate for those that don't. A range of caffeine-free herbal teas will be available, plus distilled or filtered water. There will be no cacao or any other stimulants, food-drugs, drink-drugs or drugs of any kind (sorry, along with no animal products, this bit is non-negotiable). There will be no alcohol and smokers will be asked to smoke off-site (alternatively, now might be a great time to consider quitting?!?). Fruit monomeal options will be available at all times, and some higher fat/dehydrated ('gourmet raw') options will be available in the evenings. There will be no 'head chef'. All attendees (including children) will take part in the kitchen rota (food preparation and yes... washing up!).​​

This picture is of a banana-apple-tahini (BAT) 'cereal' bowl with dried mulberries and cinnamon. Seriously good! Thanks to Karen Ranzi from FEEL FABULOUS WITH FOOD for this recipe...

Carob Smoothie Bowl

Yes, I LOVE the sound of this!!

Please keep me updated with details and how to book...

Any children?
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